Corporate culture


    Dalian Ocean Fishing Company Limited is a leading ultra-low temperature longline premium tuna fishing company in the PRC. Our history can be traced back to the establishment of Dalian Ocean Fishing Co., Ltd. in 2000. We are always aiming to be the outstanding ultra-low temperature longline premium tuna fishing company.


    Our Company has a solid foundation of integrity since founded. Our values that charge us to act with honesty and show respect to treat every partner fairly and with consideration. We believe that a long lasting and sustainable relation can only be built on the solid foundation of integrity.


    We believe that teamwork is a crucial element of our corporate culture. Dalian Ocean Fishing Company Limited believes that talents are the most important resource of our Company. The success of our Company is attributed to the contribution of every staff. The passion adhered to our staff is also extended to exploration of ocean.

Quality Products

    Our high quality ultra-low temperature tuna and tuna-like species define the excellence of tuna and tuna-like species and navigate our Group. Over 10 years, the advanced ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology tightly follows the high quality standard in tuna industry. We insist to provide consumers with excellent nutrition from non-polluted tuna. The meticulous ultra-low temperature refrigeration technology guarantees both nutrition and quality, becoming a competitive advantage that we are proud of.

    We find the ocean, sail in ocean, honor the ocean and love the ocean. Ocean paints the beauty of the earth, nurtures the wisdom of human beings and shapes the corporate culture of Dalian Ocean Fishing Company Limited.